4-star Camping les Chênes

Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments

Camping les Chênes is close to all of Greater Dax’s hydrotherapy spa establishments.
Special rates for your accommodations and transport adapted to your needs.

Hydrotherapy Spa Treatments in the Landes

In Dax and the Landes, hydrotherapy is considered a tradition. The hot-spring water and mud (Dax’s famous “peloid”) are known for their health benefits, especially in the fields of rheumatology and phlebology.

No matter where you go for your treatment, the helpful and highly experienced staff will know how to alleviate your pain and give you a feeling of well-being.

16 hydrotherapy centres

In the immediate vicinity of the 4-star Camping les Chênes,
16 hydrotherapy centres offer treatments suited to your needs and provide transport
(back and forth between the campsite and the hydrotherapy centre):